Tuesday, 24 February 2015

The New Leaf Co-op

I have the absolute joy of living with such amazing girls and whom I can also happily call my best friends. They never fail to make me laugh, listen to all my rants and are so sweet. Sorry for gushing but I do truly love them. One of these lovely ladies is my friend Jess. 

(Oh and this beauty also has a blog. Check out it out: brightredwellies.blogspot.co.uk. It's such a great read. Filled with loveliness, as well as all things food and fashion related.)

A friend recently revealed a hidden gem to me. New Leaf Co-op. It's a shop in Edinburgh (Marchmont direction) which sells unpackaged, organic produce, at a very reasonable price. Which is exactly what I like to hear as some places can be so silly expensive. As well, she informed me that at this wonderful place you could make your own nut butter. So I quickly passed this news unto Jess and we went there as soon as we could!

As you could maybe tell, we were super excited. A little too excited? Some might think we're "nuts", but we were pretty eager to try this out. We went on a Saturday which is supposedly happy "Make Your Own Peanut Butter" day. (Monday: Almond, Tuesday: Cashew, Friday: Chocolate Peanut, and every other day: Peanut)

The shop is full to the brim with different types of healthy food, such as fresh fruit, vegetables, teas, spices, juices, tinned goods etc. As well, there is a pick and mix for oats, dried berries, nuts and so much more! It's an absolute treat. Jess and I were literally in awe of the place. The co-op is pretty much an unnecessary-packaging free zone, so nothing comes in fancy or shiny wrappers. Which leaves the good and wholesome food to do the talking. You just bring your own bag or jar and stock up!

After browsing the shop, picking up a few bits and pieces, we very happily began filling our jars with the grounded peanuts. That with a flick of a button, were instantly churned into a thick, creamy butter. Voilà! Easy peasy. As soon as we got home, lids were off the jars, apples were chopped and smugly dunked into the nutty goodness. It tasted very different than the refined sugar and salt laden ones you buy in a shop. Instead this nut butter tasted so natural and delicious. If you're in the Burgh, I would definitely advise a trip to this little treasure cove. It wouldn't be a "waste" of your time!

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  1. Oh Lucie you make me blush! This post is so cute!
    Making peanut butter is always the end to a perfect Saturday! Let me just grab my spoon for some more...