Monday, 8 June 2015


Nice-cream. It tastes just like ice-cream but is good for you. Aka meaning you could literally eat bowls upon bowls of this delicious frozen goodness and not feel a pang of guilt. You maybe thinking...this stuff sounds too good to be true. I thought so too until I made it, and bonus points, It's also ridiculously simple to make. So since we are edging, slowly but surely, towards the summer months (official ice-cream season), I thought I'd give you the latest 'scoop' on this saintly indulgence. 

Want to know the secret? Frozen ripe bananas. When blended, they create a sweet, creamy texture which has the exact same consistency as ice-cream. Bananas don't have a high water content like a lot of other fruits, and so this makes them an ideal versatile base for nice-cream. I like to either just blend the bananas, or add other fruits to create various flavours. 

Bananas are high in potassium, which helps to regulate heart function and lower blood pressure. As well they are a great source of fibre to help aid digestion and keep you feeling fuller for longer.

P.S. You may notice this photo features in the heading of my blog! Just look at it...what a beauty! I have included the recipe to make "Raspberry Nice-cream", but it is equally amazing omitting them, and following the recipe using only frozen bananas. As well, you could add other fruits like ripe nectarines or strawberries!

Serves 2

2 ripe Bananas
   Handful of Raspberries
  Splash of Milk

Optional: 4 scoops of Greek Yoghurt to make it even more creamier
  1. Peel 2 ripe bananas and cut into chunks. Place in a bag and leave in freezer overnight.
  2. Next day, simply blend bananas in food processor, add raspberries, splash of milk and yoghurt if using. 
  3. Whiz it together and ta daaa - NICE CREAM!

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